Audio Research database - Manfred Persson, an ex-patriate from Sweden currently living in the US, developed this Web site which he calls the Audio Research Database - arcdb. He states, "it is a tribute to Audio Research Corporation (ARC) for their tremendous contributions to the world of high end audio. Since 1970, ARC has been one of the most influential companies when it comes to pushing the limits for what is possible for achieving realistic reproduction of recorded music. The purpose of this site is to provide information about all ARC products, past and present."

The Absolute Sound

The Absolute Sound site brings you the best in high-end audio, with thousands of expert product reviews, the latest audio news, editors’ blogs, and user forums.

AVguide - is the online home of The Absolute Sound, The Perfect Vision, and Playback—a one-stop resource for high-end audio, home theater, and personal audio reviews, commentary, and information.

SoundStage! Published monthly since 1995, SoundStage! is the world's leading magazine for high-end audio and music. It is part of the SoundStage! Network, a world of websites for audio, music, video, and movie enthusiasts.

The Audio Beat

Created and maintained by audio-press veterans Paul Bolin and Marc Mickelson, The Audio Beat covers the very best speakers, electronics and source components, along with great music in all formats. The TAB staff includes well-known writers from the print and online realms, and content is updated throughout each week. Write to join the site's reader list and be updated to all new content.


Stereophile senior contributing editor Michael Fremer's music review website features ten "In Heavy Rotation" albums updated monthly plus many "recent arrivals" updated as they are received and reviewed. While the site concentrates on reviewing vinyl, it also covers SACDs and CDs. Additionally, there are interviews with musicians, engineers and producers including Ray Davies, George Martin. Roy Halee, Rick Rubin and others, plus feature stories.

Computer Audiophile

Founded by long time audiophile and information technology professional Chris Connaker, Computer Audiophile brings together Chris' extensive background in information technology and his passion for great music and great sound quality. The site features product reviews and how-to articles about computer based audio and music servers. In addition the site includes a friendly forum where readers from around the globe share experiences and advice for improving computer based audio systems. - This is one of the up-and-coming blogs about all things high-end audio. Edited by veteran audiophile writer Steven Stone and part of Luxury Publishing Group (parent of, this almost daily blog covers new gear, new audiophile music and the true passion of the hobby - This leading AV site is filled with high-end audiophile product reviews in addition to new home theater and technology product reviews.

Audio Engineering Society - This site contains many great links!