Service and updated policies

Please read before returning any product.
All products returned for service or update from customers must have the Service Request Authorization Number written on the outside of the shipping carton. The Service Request Authorization number is obtained by filling out the Service Request Form on our web site. This form is accessed by clicking the SERVICE REPAIR heading on our web site. Upon successful submission of the form, the web site will respond within one minute with your Service Request  Authorization Number. Please write this number on the outside of your shipping carton. For your convenience, you will also receive by email, a shipping label that contains the Service Request Authorization number. Currently, this web site Service Request is for use by customers only.

Dealers or distributors needing service should email to receive their Service Request Form. Audio Research will refuse to repair any product that has been modified.

For warranty service, a copy of the dated proof of purchase from an authorized Audio Research dealer must accompany the Service Request Form. Only new products purchased through an authorized Audio Research retailer or importer are eligible for warranty coverage.

The basic labor rate for non-warranty service work performed at Audio Research is U.S. $130 per hour. A minimum one-hour charge is normally applied to diagnostic service evaluations.

All vacuum-tube products sent to the factory for service or update must be accompanied by a full complement of tubes (remove tubes and pack securely before shipping) in order to fully evaluate and test the unit's performance. Exceptions are units returned for complete retubing or units returned for update that includes all new tubes.

Should replacement vacuum tubes be required to complete a repair or update, only Audio Research tubes will be installed in order to assure product performance and to validate the 90-Day Limited Service Warranty.

If a customer refuses the use of Audio Research parts and/or tubes needed to complete a repair or update; the product will be returned unrepaired at the owner's expense.

Audio Research only performs factory authorized service and currently-available updates. Custom modifications will not be performed.

The customer sending in the unit pays round-trip shipping on all non-warranty service and updates, and is solely responsible for payment of any charges. Second-party payment is not permitted. Information about a service unit is only available to the customer sending it in, not to second parties.

Audio Research does not convert products for use with a different A.C. line voltage.

For units more than 15 years old, or those which have been unused for a year or more, please email Customer Support at  for preliminary advice on service.

Owners of CDT1 transports, CD1 and CD2 compact disc players, D52, D60, D100, D110, D111, D120, and D350 solid state amplifiers, and SD135 and HD220 amplifiers, should email Customer Support at  before sending any of these models to Audio Research for repair. Certain repair parts are no longer available for these models. To avoid the expense of needlessly shipping a non-repairable unit, please be certain to contact Customer Support beforehand.

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