General Questions

Technical Support

Audio Research dealers are the first line of support to solve your technical issues and provide necessary service. To ensure safety, proper diagnosis and to preserve the sonic quality of your Audio Research equipment, maintenance, updates and/or repair work should only be performed by an Authorized Audio Research Service Technician.
An Authorized Audio Research Technician understands and knows the ins and outs of your unit. With this knowledge and proper diagnostics equipment, they are able to provide quality diagnostics and repair services.  If you need service, you can take your unit to your local dealer or send it to Audio Research.

Credit Card Refunds

Credit card refunds are allowed on a case-by-case basis, with a 15% restocking fee. Shipping charges and the 2% transaction fee are not refundable. Please contact [email protected] with any questions.

Service and Repairs Performed by Audio Research

Audio Research can service most of the models produced in our nearly 50+ year history. In-house repairs are performed by our skilled authorized service technicians, who have a comprehensive knowledge of Audio Research products. Our rigorous repair process ensures that repaired products meet or exceed their original published specifications.
Due to the complexity of servicing these sophisticated electronic instruments, we are not able to provide repair quotes before fully diagnosing the equipment in question. The Audio Research service labor rate is $150 USD hourly.

SE Updates Available

SE updates in North America must be made at our facility. When a unit (or monoblock pair) is received for the update, it undergoes a comprehensive checkup that is handled with great care:
• The unit is partially disassembled
• The SE updates are installed
• The unit is reassembled and new tubes are installed as appropriate • Each unit is bench tested
• Burned in for two days
• Bench tested again
• Listened to in a reference system before it is packed and returned to the owner
Current products eligible for an SE Update

  • REF6
  • REF Phono 3
  • VT80
  • LS28

Non SE Updates are also available for the CD7 and PH7
SE products updated by Audio Research will also receive a one-year warranty, 90-day on tubes.

Parts Orders

A number of user-installable parts are available from Audio Research. Tubes, manuals, fuses, top covers, power cables, and other parts are available to owners. Please contact your dealer or email [email protected] to inquire.
Note – Electronic components, service documentation/schematics, and internal parts are only available to Authorized Audio Research Service Technicians.

Replacement Remotes

Yes, we do have replacement remote controls for many of our past and current models. If you are interested please contact your Audio Research dealer or send us a message at [email protected] for pricing information.  We also offer a number of new ARC remote controls for our current products on our web store.

Models no longer serviceable

The Audio Research products listed below are NOT serviceable because parts are no longer available.
• Some D-Series amplifiers
o D52/B
o D60
o D100/A/B
o D110/B
o D111
o D120
o D130
o D240
o D350/B
o D400
• HD220
• SD135
• CD2
o SP4
o SP5
o SP7
o 150.2
o 300.2
o 150M

Tube life

Tube life will depend on several parameters: product type, how the product is installed, loudspeaker efficiency, room size and acoustic damping, listening habits or average sound pressure levels, A.C. line stability and purity, manufacturing conditions, and other circumstances. Recommended tube replacement intervals:
Preamplifiers & Source Components:
Small signal tubes last up to 4,000 hours, regulator (large power) tubes last up to 2,000 hours.
Power Amplifiers:
Output tubes last up to 2,000 hours, with the exception of KT150s, which last up to 3,000 hours
Note: Near the end of the tubes sonic life, ageing vacuum tubes may degrade the sonic character of the product(s) they are used in. Make sure to replace your tubes before outright failure occurs. We stock vacuum tubes and match sets to the specifications of each model. Audio Research tubes undergo thorough testing prior to being selected for use in our equipment. To order replacement tubes please contact your local dealer or send us a message at [email protected] for pricing information.