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Our Story

Audio Research continues its dedication to unparalleled musical expression and crafting components of the highest quality and lasting value for its customers. Our long-term dedication to service is peerless in this industry (Audio Research, with few exceptions, can repair anything ever produced during its entire history). We continue to seek out new and exciting ways to make music more real and more enjoyable. More than just a name or a marketing tool, Audio Research has come to represent exceptional performance and long-term value. Experience Audio Research - experience High Definition®.


Off The Beaten Groove – December 2021

Starting this month, we are sharing albums on heavy rotation by a select group of Audio Research Corporation staff members! Everyone has different musical tastes, and we love the diversity of styles playing on repeat around the factory. This month...

American Made: AUDIO RESEARCH I/50

Audio Research Corporation is honored that John Darko of Darko Audio chose to highlight our newest product, the I/50 Integrated Amplifier, for his new series "American Made". The series details how a product is made, step by step, in the manufacturers own...