The initial design principle of the GhostMeter® was to create a window into the amplifier and showcase the vacuum tubes with a floating meter scale hovering at the front of the display. After numerous attempts, the goal was achieved by using two transparent panels, laser-etching the meter display into the back panel, and installing the meter motor assembly in-between. The effect is beautiful in its simplicity.

This is easier said than done, with the GhostMeter® being a bit more tricky when it comes to assembly. The first units were built overseas, but quality control was an issue and many of the units required disassembly and rework. It was decided to move the process in-house, using locally sourced parts, to be able to provide a much higher standard of build quality and finished product. Barry was hired to be the meter builder for Audio Research, and every meter is now produced by him.


Bringing the meter build process in-house was not done as a means of saving money – it was simply the right choice for the company. This and many other decisions are made for similar reasons at Audio Research in the continual pursuit to build the best audio products available today.