Listening has been a rigorous process at Audio Research; from its earliest days, the company has employed at least one dedicated person, trained in the discipline of listening and objectively evaluating components and systems. Constant and consistent listening has created a history of building products that not only perform well technically, but they have been focused on making the playback performance as real and accurate as possible, allowing the emotion to be revealed.

Through all steps of the design phase, Audio Research listens. The engineering team works with its listeners to ensure each product meets the criteria and performance level required to achieve a new performance benchmark. Audio Research not only listens during development, every finished product receives a final listening test before it can leave the building. This listening test ensures the component performs exactly as it was designed.

Along with new designs and production models, all products which are sent to Audio Research for service also receive a listening test. This test assures that the component is back to original working order, and also gives our listening team an historic perspective of the sound of Audio Research.

For more insights into the listening process at Audio Research, please watch the video below.