Production is a process which has seen little change since the founding of Audio Research. While the world has seen miniaturization of components and streamlined board building, Audio Research continues to work with discrete components and maintains the time-honored process of installing each part, and soldering every circuit board by hand. The process can take hours compared to what a machine can do in minutes, but it is all for a singular goal of making better music. The hand work simply sounds better.

In today’s world outsourcing has become a popular manufacturing solution and almost all manufacturers do little more than assembly and packaging. Not so for Audio Research, which has brought more processes back in-house to control supply and quality control. Every choice is made with regard to how it will affect the performance of the products.

Each step of the process, the component sees a different person – from board production to chassis buildout, quality assurance, listening, paneling/packing, and shipping – each department takes the time required to build one of these components.

For more information about the production process at Audio Research, please watch the video on this page.