New ARC Remote

Our New Audio Research Corporation Remote is included with all of our Reference and Foundation series current models.  It is also available for purchase on our store for a number of our legacy products.

The new ARC Remote is hand-crafted in our factory, from a solid billet of aluminum, with a black Cerakote finish. The face of the remote is a charcoal black acrylic that is laser etched in our facility. The face is held in place by magnets, and there are no external screws. A long-life 3V coin battery is used for power instead of AA or AAA batteries.

Current Models Supported

  • REF10
  • REF6SE
  • LS28SE
  • REFPH10
  • PH9
  • DAC9
  • CDR
  • GSi75
  • GsPre
  • LS12
  • LS15
  • LS16
  • LS17
  • LS25
  • LS27
  • PH8
  • REF Anniversary
  • REF1
  • REF2
  • REF5
  • SP17
  • SP20
  • VSi60